FloorWerks Customer Testimonials

FloorWerks in Arlington Heights

At FloorWerks, we're not happy until our customers are happy with their design decisions and installations. This is just a sampling of the many wonderful notes we've received from our customers over the years. Of course, we are always happy to provide references upon request.

Floorwerks has a wonderful perk to their flooring business, they do stairs! Finding a reputable contractor to do a staircase remodel was so much more difficult than we thought it would be. What a relief to have found Rick. Using Stairwerks for our project was a smart choice for these reasons:

1) Superior Design Services

Rick has an actual shop with many different samples of stair pieces and parts, so you can see what you're buying and how the pieces look together before ordering product. This is priceless. Even if you find a talented carpenter willing to do a side job for you, they will not have a store, with 50 different iron spindles for you to look at, and hold, and take home to see how they look in your house. Rick also has software that allows him to plug in your product choices and it creates a sketch of how your stairs will look. Thanks to that, I made several changes until it looked just right. Did I mention he has the patience of a saint? There aren't many companies that specialize in staircases, but the few we found insisted on tearing the whole thing down and starting from scratch. Rick was willing to be creative, keeping the stringers in place and just changing the other parts out. This saved us money.

2) Highly Talented & Service Oriented Carpenters

The team that did the work were experts at their craft, and literally obsessive about making sure it was exactly how we wanted it. Every staircase is unique, so if they came to a point where a decision needed to be made about how to go forward, they would stop and show me how it would look with different options. I think they moved one of our Newell Posts back and forth 4 inches for 15 minutes before we all agreed it looked best "in front" of the top step instead of "next" to it. They also decided on the fly that all the wood needed to be sanded and sealed one more time than originally planned, at no extra cost, just to make sure it was perfect. Suffice to say they respect the investment you are making, realize it is likely to permanent, and don't want to make a single mistake.

3) Bonus: Rick gets into the design, and admires the finished product as if it were a staircase in his own home. He genuinely seemed to enjoy the challenge of helping to create a one of a kind staircase we would love. He keeps several photo albums of completed jobs for ideas, and all of his experience lends a certain confidence and calm to the process.

We are so thankful for Rick's knowledge and enthusiasm, the crew's expertise and service, and we love our new staircase!"

--- Michelle R. in Bartlett, IL

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I never imagined my home could turn out so nice. It's simply AMAZING and I am so happy with the results you can't imagine. The minute Dawn walked into my home I knew she was the person I wanted to work with. She has such a great personality, easy to work with, creative, very responsive and an amazing sense of style. She can work with any budget and delivers incredible results. I get nothing but positive reactions from friends and family, as they are awed with the results. She definitely comes highly recommended and I would never think of using anyone else for my design needs.

--- Jasmine in Buffalo Grove

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When I met with Dawn from FloorWerks, I was thrilled with her because she listened carefully and then came up with a design for our bathroom matched our style and our specifications. What I liked the most is that after hearing from us she could anticipate what we wanted and make it happen. She had lot of great ideas from the beginning. The best part is that she was willing to work with our budget from the get go and promised to finish up everything within that budget which is something most other designers were unwilling to commit to. Additionally if we did not like something she was willing to show us other choices in colors, and price. She was able to get us very nice porcelain for an unbelievable price.

--- Sabira in Arlington Heights

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Rick has the amazing ability to translate your dreams for hardwood flooring and infuse it with style and character resulting in a beautiful, chic, warm home. Professional and attentive, Rick made the whole design process fun and worthwhile!

--- Ken & Mimi in Arlington Heights

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First of all, great guy - very nice, helpful and did a terrific job to boot! We are very happy with the part he was able to replace; we are glad it was kept to one box worth of material for cost purposes. Wish we could have gotten more done but that was our call with the money aspect. He did give us some tips on other ways to deal with the remaining gaps throughout the floor and also some of the cracks and how to cover those up a bit. Overall, the repair was definitely done to satisfaction and to reiterate, Gary is a great representative of the personal service that FloorWerks can give customers! Thanks again for working with us.

--- Brett & Carla in Arlington Heights

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I got back last night and couldn't wait to see the staircase. The new spindles do make a real difference, a lot of bang for the buck! Mike did a great job, He really is a master of his trade. We are so glad we decided to take your advice and switch out the spindles, I can't believe the difference. Thank you again for all of your design help. We look forward to our installation of our new back splash!

--- Ellen in Arlington Heights

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I had to get a special wood species, they were able to find it for me at a better price than anyone else. Installation and follow up service was beyond what I could have expected. Highly Recommend!

--- Kathryn W

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FloorWerks did the work on time and were reliable. I'm thrilled with the way my floor looks! My husband saw their showroom where they're located and we decided to use their service. For potential customers thinking about using FloorWerks, they could always look at my floor to see their work themselves! The guys were wonderful and helpful, and they worked really hard.

--- Beth M. Buffalo Grove

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I thought FloorWerks did a really good job remodeling my bathroom. Gary and Scott were very punctual, and arrived each day as scheduled at 7am. They performed good-quality work. Dawn was really terrific and about coming and overseeing the work. She was very good at helping me to pick out colors that went together. She was very willing to work with me.

At first, it looked like they were going to put a small cubby in my shower where my shampoo and conditioner would go, and I kept telling them it needed to be bigger, and that my items wouldn't fit. They were able to make it bigger for me, so I was satisfied with it.

I am very happy with the final results. I would definitely recommend them to anybody interested in having a bathroom remodeled. This is a good, local company to work with.

--- Cheryl O. Arlington Heights

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I've been a customer of FloorWerks for about eight years now. I first used Rick to install ceramic tiles in my laundry room, and it turned out beautiful! I recommended him to everyone after that, to my good friends and my parents who used them for carpeting and to my clients who had gorgeous hardwood floors installed.

Recently, I had Rick install carpets for me. I went to the store, looked at some stuff, told them what I was looking for, they made some great suggestions. He then came to my house and took measurements, then ordered the carpet and called me about a week later when it came in.

On the day my carpets were going to be installed, I wasn't going to be there the whole time. I asked Rick point blank what he thought of his crew. He told me that his guys are totally trustworthy guys. So I left the door unlocked for them. They came in, moved the furniture, installed the carpet and cleaned up and even vacuumed and moved the furniture back to where it was. Honestly, I had no problems! The entire process was so smooth and the final result was beautiful. I just love FloorWerks! Plus, they have great candy sitting on the front desk, I'll stop in just to get a piece!

--- Sue C. Buffalo Grove

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A lot of why my rating is so high for FloorWerks is because of the guy who put in our floors, Gary. He was outstanding! He was a perfectionist, and he couldn't have been a nicer person. He was clean and he was on time. He was a fantastic guy, and he is a real gift to that company.

--- Candy G. Palatine

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Working with FloorWerks was great. Dawn gave us specific, individual attention when helping us redecorate our home. She really worked to find what best matched out tastes.

FloorWerks offer quality merchandise, at a reasonable price. I definitely recommend them. They did carpeting, tile work, sinks, painting and drywall. Our home now looks very nice.

--- Debby S. Buffalo Grove

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Loved working with FloorWerks. Their creative designs transformed my bathrooms. I had looked for tile for a long time. Floorwerks had products I had not seen anywhere else...so unique and beautiful. Their service exceeded expectations. I had their full attention in all phases of our renovation project.

--- Vicki R. Arlington Heights

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I had FloorWerks do stairs and railing for me. They were here Monday to Saturday, so six days total to do it. The guys were really good at protecting the house from dust with the plastic sheeting. They did really, really good work.

--- Gwen S. Buffalo Grove

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